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About RTI

Right to Information Act is going to complete two decades of its struggle and is celebrating fourth anniversary of its successful implementation. The dream of transparent system in the country has been turned into reality and people have started realizing their rights, feeling empowered and raising their voice against corruption in the system…the credit goes to Right to Information Act… Be it upliftment of marginalized section of society, the case of file noting, issue of assets of judges or the case of disclosure of UPSC answer papers, Right to Information has paved a way for people and has acted as a guiding light for them…

About Film Festival:

The films made on Right to Information has played a major role in disseminating the usage of Act among people…and this usage of Right to Information and its effect on the life of common man has been beautifully taken up by various filmmakers…The main motive of this film festival is to bring all such films (dealing with work done in the direction of achieving a transparent system) in front of public and to make them realize that the crying need of the hour is not to complain but to act…Our initiative is also aimed at providing a platform for all kind of films highlighting the struggles of common man and the role of Right to Information in changing their lives for the better.

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